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Why Do People Take Tramadol?...[Must Read]

Last week, I spoke to two CEOs of community pharmacies. They have been in practice for over 15years.
I asked, What’s the demand for tramadol?
They both replied, the demand is very high.
One of them told me that, people are now asking for the 200mg and 250mg pack. Tramadol comes in 50mg or 100mg packs.
This means that 1000mg is no longer giving the effect they want. Therefore, they want to consume 2000mg/ 2500mg.
He now said, they take it because it makes them high.
Both of them actually told me that they had to stop selling tramadol, so when people come, they just say they don’t have.
I worked in community pharmacies, it’s all the same, young people looking for and taking tramadol or codeine in large doses to make them high.
You see some of them mixing 10 capsules of tramadol or 100mls of codeine in carbonated soft drinks.
When you ask them, why they take it?
The answer is always the same, to get high
Tramadol is an opioid analgesic used for moderate to severe pain. It is addictive. It should only be taken if prescribed.
Overdose of tramadol includes:-
– Trouble breathing
– Slow or irregular heartbeat
– Seizures
– Coma
We are raising awareness about #Tramadolabuse and #Codeineabuse through radio shows, social media @NoToDrugAbuse – twitter, Facebook, church and school programs. Get involved today.
Oluwatosin Fatungase (Pharm)
Teen Behavioral Coach
Inspiring Greatness…

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